Wednesday, August 05, 2009

How Twitter impacts us!

Twitter has exploded into the social networking causing a buzz among users in millions. The premise of freedom of speech can be used by this micro-blogging service (micro..since it only allows only 140 chars per tweet). Some people call this the "SMS of the Internet" and is now ranked by Alexa as a top 15 web site in the World. What is great about Twitter is that you can express anything and everything and due its ubiquitous nature you can learn about stuff just by searching for tweets related to a topic. The possibilities with Twitter are endless. You can send direct messages to particular users using an @ sign. A simple search for "#apple" will get you good enough links about mac stuff.

What amazes me is the potential possibilities of Twitter:

1. You can provide Recommendations - you suggest hotels to stay, places to go, restaurants to eat, clothes to buy...whole lot of stuff and people can use your recommendations to do stuff.
2. Provide Honest Opinion/Feedback. Lets say i took a flight on a particular airline and did not like their service. I can be specific on my flight details. The key to doing this is that each airline should use tags(lets say #DeltaFeedback for Delta airlines)
3. Communicate ideas/thoughts and this could spurn a whole new set of ideas
4. Entertainment,Killing Time etc assist in Prevention of Depression.
5. You learn what your friends or family are upto!

and the possibilities are endless.

As with anything, there are fallbacks also. Its already causing a rage in NFL training camps(some teams have banned use of Twitter). A Denver nuggets player - J.R Smith had to shut down his twitter site due to issues as of today. Check out Denver Post for the details.

Like most of you out there, I do also have a twitter page, Check it out here: TechShrink's Twitter