Thursday, June 05, 2008

Lets all get AMPed

Take a look at this: YAHOO APT!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Whats the next tech miracle?

I keep wondering what is going to be the next great innovation..... i keep wondering how much people are immune to change.

Think of whats happening with the world now:
1. we have really smart phones
2. we have a smarter internet...thanks to Yahoo, Google and Microsoft
3. We have user friendly and powerful Operating Systems...thanks to Apple
4. We have great GPS systems for Cars/SUVs etc....but something is missing
5. We have amazing are getting smarter and sleeker by the day..
6. We have great TVs, stunning picture quality and sound thanks to HD, Blu ray and also mind blowing games..
7. We have good washing machines...good microwaves and also cool refrigerators.
8. All those special irobots like roomba, verro etc

Whats missing then?
  1. We still dont have smart GPS systems...Dash is an introduction...wonder if there is anything in garmin's pipeline? Smart GPS systems are systems which gives smart should suggest you the weather in the area is bad, traffic and construction( real time) and what local roads to follow will have minimum stop lights,basically have a form of Q-A System local to the area...for example...if i want to know the top rated dance clubs in west hollywood...the GPS system should be able to fetch it and let me know with the distances to each one of them. Similarly we should be able to know the current status of parking in parking lots...on the streets around the destination....i know this is a whole lot of information and lot of unknowns here....but that it what computer scientists and designers should dwell on
  2. We need a smarter computer/web experience....the internet as we know is evolving so fast that it is hard to keep up with the technology...but imagine a world where the computer is your friend and he/she does what you want it to do. For example....we can ask the computer to read our mail and sort the most important ones based on my most clicked email topics or even people. Similarly the computer should customize the web to my preferred sites, allow me to communicate with the people i want to at any time
  3. We need smarter TVs....TVs that can tell us what channel has my favorite shows and when..and it should have the ability to switch on the TV automatically at that point of time even if i have forgotten about it....this could cause hassles if you are sleeping or doing something private...but its an interesting thought.