Sunday, June 26, 2005

Why is marketing important!

Since I am from India, I see some similarities and lots of differences in marketing strategies of companies in USA. As we all realize that money makes everything tick in any country, we should annoint it as the new religion. With money being the focal point, how can marketing a product go a long way in making more money. It all starts with establishing a consumer base. I asked myself why does a particular product sell? When it comes to excellent marketing strategy, experts use Microsoft Xboxes, Apple iPods, Motorola RAZR or even VIAGRA as examples.

Let me cite an example most of us feel - "have seen, been there, had that". The company is JAMBA JUICE. I dont know how many who read this article havent been there, but according to me, its a classic example of great marketing. What is Jamba Juice? Please Google it and you will learn how to get "positively charged" by Juice...sounds ridiculous to some but its true that this is what Jamba Juice is all about. How do they appeal to the masses?:
1) Having sleek names like Strawberry Nirvana, Orange Dream Machine, Mango Mantra, Cranberry Craze, Aloha Pineapple etc
2) Entice the viewer with nutrients added, protein supplements added and carbs gained
3) Good tasting juice.
4) Create a nice coffee-shop kind of environment.[ If Starbucks was a success, so can be Jamba Juice]

I went into this Jamba Juice store last weekend and I was amazed with the crowd it drew. There were school kids, teenagers, few youngsters in the 20-30 age range and also some middle aged people. It then occurred to me how a small juice store could transform into a million dollar business. Good marketing is a result of catering to the needs of the consumer base. Jamba Juice realised that youngsters were the primary market. Marketing is a result of paying attention to detail. For example, if Jamba Juice had most of the factors i mentioned but lacked the coffee-shop kind of environment, the company would have been a bust.

Principle to follow: When there is a Demand, Supply to the Demand with great marketing

More to follow in my next post!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Freedom of Speech!

Topics of Discussion: Computers and NBA Finals

Starting off with Computers-All XML and C++ geeks out there, it would be great if someone wrote a book on how to program with XML and C++. I found it surprising that the best sources for XML for COM programming is MSXML, If you are an intuitive and avid programmer, there are lots of information in MSXML SDK documentation on MSDN. However it is better if you learn the XML structure on your own. I promised a post on SAX and DOM. I havent researched enough to have a post dedicated for it yet, but i will put it some time. I believe programmers, developers and testers have to share knowledge and that is the best way that we all learn from somebody else.I will share my experiences here in due time.

Topic of the Day:

I had to get this blog out before NBA 2005 Finals Game 7 started. Its the final game of the season and according to my prediction before the series(Spurs in 6), Spurs should have been having their victory parade now. It seems like we always underestimate champions who are not flashy for example: New England Patriots in Football, Houston Rockets of the 94-95 season, Detroit Pistons[Bad Boys of the early 90s] and also the current lot. Its unbelievable how much we all love watching the game of NBA more for the dunks, Jordanesque moves of Kobe/Wade/Lebron but not the way the game is played. Since I played basketball and enjoy defense, I must admit this is an NBA finals we got to cherish for a long time.

What are the surprises?
1. Every writer talked about the 4 blowouts[Games 1,2,3 and 4] but my biggest surprise has to be Tim Duncan's unTimmy like performance!

2. Detroit's Stamina: They have played the highest number of playoff games with mainly 7-8 players in rotation and thats amazing.

3. San Antonio's inability to control the paint!

4. Tony Parker hasn't still learnt to handle pressure [ look on the other team's point guard for inspiration]

What are the keys for tonights game?
1. Tim Duncan's performance is probably going to be the most crucial factor
2. Mental makeup of San Antonio-how will they respond to pressure?
3. Will Detroits offense freeze? They have offensive droughts like they had against the Indiana Pacers
4. Bench Play: Which bench will have more hustle in rebounds and hustle plays

Matchup that will decide the championship:
Billups,Hamilton vs Parker,Ginobili!- If Parker doesnt match Billups control or Ginobili doesnt lead the flow of the game, San Antonio can say goodbye to what history says[ Read-No team has ever won 2 road games to win a championship and Spurs dont lose 2 straight at home].

My prediction: San Antonio Spurs[i would say i give 51% chance to them as they are the home team and 49% as Detroit will find it hard to match the same intensity as the last game away from home)

MVP: Tim Duncan[ I wish NBA Commissioner gives MVP to the best player of the series rather than the winning team MVP.In either case I think Billups should repeat as NBA Finals MVP]

Note: Detroit is the mentally and physically the stronger team and I will be least surprised if they won!