Saturday, November 05, 2005

Car Shopping, Mid Season Awards!

I am Car Gazing for some time now as i plan to sell my 1998 Honda Civic for a new Car and its been a hard to decide on a new Car.I am totally confused on what car to buy. Initially i thought i will go for a beamer-BMW 3 series looked cool and then i calculate the expenses i need to pay to maintain the car: $600 loan + $200 insurance + $200 gas ...oooph...and there goes $1000 of my salary. I then scaled down after my colleagues, well-wishers and also my mental calculator let me decide that lesser loan to pay is the way to go. Considering the possibility that i may sell the car in 3-4 years i had to consider depreciation value. Here were the factors i looked at:

1) Looks
2) Comfort
3) Driving Experience
4) Standard Features
5) Cargo Room[ Especially considering that i may do some road trips]

I am comparing the new Honda Civic 2006 with Subaru Impreza 2.5 L Si, Toyota Scion tC, Acura RSX and Mazda 3 and Scion Tc. So far, my favorite has been the Scion tC.I test drove a Scion TC and I was flabbergasted by its speed at low rpms. It has amazing brakes, great steering control, look and feel and the only drawback being cargo space. Next week will be time for some actual hands on experience comparison.

Sports Update:

NFL Tidbits:

Peyton Manning got over the hump on MNF? Yes he did. I am still not convinced about Indy's defense. How good are they will be known when they face the Cincinniti Bengals and Pittsburgh Steelers! I still think they are the best team in the league till proven otherwise.

My Mid Season Awards:

MVP: Peyton Manning/Steve Smith. If i were giving this award, i would give it to Steve Smith but Peyton will win it because voters prefer QBs

Offensive MVP: Steve Smith. You remove him from Carolina and their offense is as good as dirt

Defensive MVP: Dwight Freeney. He has single handedly troubled all quarterbacks and made Indy's defense look menacing.

Offensive Rookie of the Year: Ronnie Brown

Defensive Rookie of the Year: Demarcus Ware

Comeback Player of the Year: Steve Smith. I considered Mark Brunell, Kyle Vanden Bosch, Mike Anderson but SS impact is too significant compared to the others.

Coach of the Year: Mike Shanahan. Check out all the preseason ratings of AFC West. Whether it was ESPN or or anyone else, nobody thought that Denver will succeed with the Cleveland Castoffs in defensive line. Tom Coughlin was a close second. I think he has done a great job in NYC but if you look at the schedule- Denver beat SD,NE,Philly,Jacksonville,Washington[ All possible playoff teams]

Surprise Team of the Year: Cincinatti Bengals. Giants are close second.

Disappointment of the Year: New England Patriots/ Philadelphia Eagles.

Watch out for next year- T.O will have a new team and contract.

NBA Observations:

Entire League to Mr Stern: Please hand the trophy to the Spurs. Lets all play for academic interest and for showing off our suits.

Regaring Miami Heat: Mr. Riley- why do you think everyone was surprised at the roster makeover?

Surprises: LA teams winning and Nuggets losing:)

Predictions of the year: Lebron finally will make the playoffs and Carmelo Anthony may be an All-Star.