Friday, February 04, 2005

Tidbits of interview questions!

Some questions i always get:
1) Why didnt Java introduce Operator Overloading?
2) Why C++ structs was extended to behave like public classes?

I wonder why interviewers always pose the following questions in C++/Java:

1) What does the virtual destructor mean and why is it necessary?
2) What problems do you get by Multiple inheritance?
3) Difference between String and StringBuffer in Java?
4) How do you implement a linked list in java?
5) Difference between delete n and delete [] n ?
6) what is the difference between interface and an abstract class in Java? when would you use interface and when do you use an abstract class?

Routine concepts i suppose. It's like saying...hey i know syntax. A good interviewer always tests you on "how to implement something". I enjoyed interviewing with Microsoft, Google,Amazon and Qualcomm as they test your translation of idea to code. Not many companies i have interviewed do that. Most of them ask about your resume and questions related to skill set. I think its good to a certain extent without the need to overdo it. Unfortunately some companies still do it.

I will write some tutorials in my next few posts.