Tuesday, April 19, 2005

XML rocks and so do the Phoenix Suns!

Whoever invented XML did a great service to the WWW and otherwise. Some things go so unnoticed and it is these little inventions that matter a lot to all of us. I am writing XML Schemas, using stylesheets to convert them, writing complex xml files and I would say that this invention kicks ass! If anyone is a newbie out there writing schemas, Google is the best resource for almost everything i found. I also used A9.com to read through some stuff in the books.

As I am an avid sports fan, the NBA playoffs( as of today) seem to be set in the western conference and a little undecided regarding who plays Miami Heat.
Western Conference Matchups and my predictions:
1) Phoenix Suns vs Memphis Grizzlies
Winner: Suns

Phoenix can fail only if Steve Nash is injured and Memphis is totally inspired else they have too many weapons. They are the #1 scoring offense in the league and nobody but Dallas/SanAntonio can push them in a 7 game series. Grizzlies have good defense and a good bench but hard to stop the desert runners.

2) SanAntonio Spurs vs Denver Nuggets
Winner: Tim Duncan plays - Spurs else Nuggets

One of the best defenses in the league + Duncan makes them an amazing combo but Denver has a chance to upset SanAntonio if Camby plays and Denver is able to run the ball well. Even with Duncan i think Denver can give them a good fight. But Duncan is not playing completely fit and if Denver wins 1 of the 2 road games in the beginning, they have a great chance. I predict this to be the second best series in the west

3) Seattle Supersonics vs Sacramento Kings
Winner: Supersonics

Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis, Danny Fortson, Reggie Evans...do we need more reasons? especially with an injured Kings roster. I feel sorry for Rick Adelman, one of the best coaches in the league that something always prevents him from reaching the finals.

4) Dallas Mavericks vs Houston Rockets
Winner: Mavericks

Nowitzki, Dampier, Stackhouse, Howard vs Houston defense- This is gonna be the playoff series of the First round. It will be the hardest fought, but i predict Dallas to cut through.

Hope the best teams win! My next blog will answer the Eastern Conference predictions